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Argonaut Village

The gold seekers who flocked to California after gold was discovered in 1848 were nicknamed “Argonauts” after the ancient Greek tale of Jason who searched for the Golden Fleece. For the gold miners, the discovery that mining was hard work; often unrewarding as they worked in the hot sun shoveling or panning only to find enough gold to survive for another day. It was the entrepreneurs who capitalized on the possibilities of making a profit in the California Gold Rush by supplying the needs of the miners as successful merchants and tradesmen.

Establishing businesses in the Mother Lode, the Studebakers, Strausses, Ghirardellis, Fleishhackers and Zellerbachs eventually became successful mercantile vendors during the Gold Rush. Modern day Argonaut Village honors these pioneer businessmen who provided goods and services to the thousands of miners who toiled in the Sierra streams.

Incorporated in 1986 by Powell Development, Argonaut Village consists of a total of 118 single family homes. Included in the monthly dues are front yard maintenance, exterior painting, and private street maintenance.