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Maidu Village

Maidu Village along with Hesperian Village were incorporated in 1989 by its developer, Robert C. Powell Development.  A total of 49 single family homes are located in Maidu Village. Front yard maintenance, exterior painting of homes and exterior fences, streets, gates, and street lights are maintained by the association and is included in the monthly dues. HOA duties are shared with Hesperian Village.

The Maidu and Miwok people occupied much of the Mother Lode region and the adjacent valley floor before 1848.  Living in village communities, the Maidu rarely traveled far from home. Food was abundant and they hunted and fished, gathered nuts, berries roots and seeds. Something was always left behind to preserve the food supply.

The Maidu, at their height about 9,000 strong, lived in village communities, rarely traveling far from their homes.  Food was abundant.  They hunted and fished, gathered nuts, berries, roots, and seeds, always leaving something behind to preserve the food supply.