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What is your Gold River home worth?

Gold River Real Estate

Gold River SpecialistsHome values in Gold River are on the rise. Homeowners are experiencing rapid appreciation of home value in this area due to a lack of inventory. Homes are on average selling quicker and for more money. The Gold River community is a desirable for its biking trails, proximity to the river as well as the style and quality of homes. Known for its discerning lifestyle opportunities, each village has a distinct character and charm. Amenities include popular restaurants and shopping areas.

Gold River Villages

  • Argonaut Village
  • Bret Harte Village
  • Carson Creek Village
  • Comstock Village
  • Crocker Grove
  • Discovery Village
  • Empire Village
  • Empire Oaks Village
  • Enterprise Village
  • Eureka Village
  • Gold Spike Village
  • Hesperian Village
  • Huntington Village
  • Marshall Village
  • Maidu Village
  • Manor Homes (3 HOAs)
  • Miners Village
  • Mother Lode Village
  • Park Place Village
  • Pioneer Village
  • Promontory Point Village
  • Prospect Village
  • Standford Court
  • Sutter Village 

Gold River Specialists

Kathy Fox Lyman Magee

We specialize in Gold River Real Estate. Lyman Magee and Kathy Fox, have over 50 years of combined real estate experience and know the area well. For more information about the Real Value of your Gold River home or for a complimentary market analysis, please contact us.


Gold River List Price Vs. Sold Price